OS Insights is a non-commercial, open-access platform that provides management students of the Leuphana University of Lüneburg with the opportunity to publish insights generated in seminars. The platform is based on the idea that universities are sites where knowledge production and consumption are not separable and sequenced, but intertwined. In this view, university-based teaching is more than just the transmission of knowledge produced through up-front research. Instead, courses and seminars open up opportunities for jointly reflecting on important phenomena. In doing so, they serve as a springboard for potentially developing original insights that shed light on organizational, strategic, and entrepreneurial theories, approaches, and phenomena.

For the sake of quality assurance, all works published on OS Insights are editorially reviewed. These works fall into the following areas.


OS Insights publishes online-only, open-access edited collections of contributions by Leuphana’s management students. These collections are aimed at management scholars and students. Their contributions shed light on theoretical concepts and approaches through applications and spur ideas for future research through thought-provoking essays.


Posts published on the OS Insights Blog are composed by Leuphana’s management students. These blog posts translate theoretical ideas generated in the areas of organization, strategy, and entrepreneurship into insights that are useful for practitioners.
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